Thursday, 29 November 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Chicken Scratch on the train

Work in Progress Wednesday is a great way to keep on adding stitching to any project. The UFOs are thinning out!

I have been on a trip where I had to travel by train for a long distance. That is the perfect time to stitch but not anything that requires lots of packing (beads, ribbons, scissors, pins, bobbins of thread, needles....).

With only a hoop, a needle and pre-cut strands of thread, I worked on a Chicken Scratch embroidery I started earlier in the year. I manage to do about half of this during this trip (heavy rain made it impossible to enjoy the view from the train window so work was easy):

Excuse the awful colours; I took the photographs under electric light.

I have also added a small wheel to the crazy quilt block:

To see much more impressive Work In Progress go to Sharon's page!


  1. your chicken scratch is looking good, it is wonderful how a few stitches can make a check fabric come to life like you have done.
    The wheel works well on the block.

  2. Love the wheel, great using all your time by working on the train journey.
    Well done.

  3. Your stitches make the fabric something special. I like your wheel. Hope weather will become better!

  4. Chicken scratch is so much fun! I like your pattern and the funny wheel on your CQ.

  5. It seems very motivating to report about progress on a WIP every Wednesday.

  6. Beautiful chicken scratch. It is something I have wanted to try.

  7. I've just started researching "chicken scratch" as we took it for the stitch if the month in Sydney (NSW Aust) Embroiderers Guild's colour group. and I have been playing with different size grids
    It was know as 'Australian Cross Stitch" amongst may other names.
    so I started to search out different stitch combination's used. Yet to get into the guilds research room to see their examples'
    How do I find your original post earlier this year? Robin

    1. I don't think this piece of work has been featured on my blog before so there is no 'original post earlier in this year' I'm afraid.

      I did my research using Google Image and then clicked my way round various posts. Interesting pieces to read are at Mary Corbet's:


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