Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Change of plan

Do you remember these ricrac cones? I blogged about them here after following the tutorial on Pintangle.

They are really neat and I like them a lot. In spite of that, I decided that they are not right for the bias tape quilt. That is why I removed them and instead made four Whipped Wheels with some Chain stitches and blue beads.

They sit much flatter on the quilt and I think on the whole these wheels look better.


On the crazy quilt block I have only outlined the pattern on one of the pieces with a few Stem stitches:

I am sure the others have made much more progress on their work. To see, go to Work In Progress Wednesday on Pintangle.


  1. those ricrac cones look good, will follow up to see how you did them and another trip into the market for some ricrac must be mad.Your block is looking good.

    1. I warmly recommend trying Sharon's tutorial. Making the cones is a bit fiddly but with a few pins and needle and thread on the ready you should end up with some stylish cones.

  2. The ricrac cones looked good but I think the whipped wheels look better on your quilt. Sharon certainly has some great tutorials. I just wish I had more time to try more stitches.

  3. Those whipped wheels look perfect for the quilt!

  4. The whipped wheels do look better.

  5. I agree. I think whipped wheels look better! Gorgeous block!

  6. The whipped wheel is so pretty! It's much better on your quilt.

  7. Thank you all. I am so glad you agree I made the right decision when I changed the ricrac cones for the whipped wheels..


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