Saturday, 24 November 2012

TAST2012 - Week 47

Week 47?
That means there are not many weeks left of TAST2012!
I still have some space on the sampler band I started earlier, I will have to use that space.
What's the stitch this week?
Portugues Border stitch?
What does it look like?
Oh,  I have never tried this before. It's called 'Portugisisk Bård' in Swedish.
I wonder what it might be called in Japanese....
No time to search...

That was the line of thoughts that went on in my head as I worked on a small gift in Santa's Factory. I will blog about this present some time next month.

The week has been filled with odd jobs, serving others and making that Christmas present. So as I have not worked the Portuguese Border stitch before, there was space on the the sampler band and I had little time for this week's TAST challenge I simply made a few rows of:

An enjoyable stitch and one that could take a lot of fantastic looks. I have already seen my favourite, a floral display made by Brigitte Otto. Have a look here. Other works can be enjoyed by clicking on the various links in Sharon's Comments on Pintangle.

However, my simple stitch sampler, when looked at from this angle, and if I had added a few straight stitches as a fringe, this might have passed for a Swedish rag carpet! Well, never mind...


  1. Your stitches look lovely really neat and the stitch is very interesting.
    Well done.

  2. Very nice! There is always good finish in your work.

  3. Nice stitches! I like how you started this stitch.

  4. very neat and even stitching Queenie, I can see what you mean about fringing and for a rag carpet.

  5. Such neat work. I like the variegated rows.

  6. Perfect! I like the idea of a rug too!

  7. what a wonderful sampler ! your stitches are so even !

  8. I admire your even stitches. Always a pleasure to visit your blog! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful embroideries!

  9. I love Swedish rag rugs. In fact I have about 8 in my house. Love the stitching.

  10. Your rows of this Border stitch look so neat and perfectly stitched.

  11. As always your stitching inspires with neatness and colour. Great idea to see companion stitches with the Portuguese Border.
    I visited Brighid's blog and liked her flower arrangement. Thanks for the link.


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