Sunday, 12 August 2012

How neat is this?

Among the gifts I received from my friends there is something I would like to show you in detail.

In the quilting world a 'jelly roll' is not a sweet tea time snack but something rather less calorific.
It is a set of strips of fabric, different but from the same collection/colour range so they co-ordinate. Many quilts can be made from these strips and there are several books on the market with ideas.

My friend K used such a 'jelly roll' to make me a bag! A magic bag! Look!

Flat open it could be a lap quilt.

Tie the ends tightly...

and you get this bag!

Isn't that neat!
Lovely colours, lovely idea, lovely bag, lovely friend.
I am so full of thanks, K!


  1. Woman can never have enough bags! :-) A great use for a jelly roll. I have one in my stash.
    Have a nice Sunday! Claudia

  2. ingalill.jigborg@hotmail.com12 August 2012 at 19:02

    How neat. As I like to do bags I must try something like that. What a good friend you have! and clever too!

  3. ingalill.jigborg@hotmail.com12 August 2012 at 19:18

    What a wonderful idé and what a very good friend you have. I like bags and do some myself but this is outstanding. Will try it. Love Ingalill

  4. What a wonderful design (great fabric too), lucky you.

  5. Great idea !!!!! such a lovely bag.

  6. Your bag is really different and unusual , what a treasure .Look forward to seeing it.

  7. What a great bag, you're a lucky lady!

  8. How wonderful to receive such a beautiful and unusual bag.

    My son gave me some co-ordinated fabrics and I'm tempted to copy this lovely idea, using them.

    Thanks for sharing Queenie

  9. WOW

    It is so lovely to see my bag design passed on and displayed on your blog. K is my host when I teach in Wroxham, Norfolk and she obviously loved the bag so much she wanted to share it with you.

    For those who will not be able to ever do a workshop with me it is done using a stitch and flip method using a Walking Foot. If you want to be economical you can get 3 bags from a Jelly Roll, or just cut your own 2.5” strips 22” long (or more if you MUST have a wider bag/lap quilt). Add the strips one by one to the backing and wadding until required size is reached, finish by binding any raw edges and add buttons and buttonhole or use the press studs or if you must, Velcro tape! Use a wider fabric for the casings at the side to ensure the cord will pull up easily without leaving a huge hole that things can fall out of. The handles can be made from odd Jelly Roll fabrics padded with strips of cotton wadding sewn on approx. 7”- 8” from the outside and top edge or if you prefer use webbing on top of the handle to give it extra strength. Choose your favorite toggles to add to the ends of the cord and enjoy.

    1. Great to know who designed your lovely bag.

  10. THANK YOU for your kind tutorial! I am sure a lot of readers have found this inspirational.


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