Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another day at the FOQ

I have spent another pleasant day at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.
There were more visitors today than yesterday but fewer than in previous years (or is there more space?). It made it easier to look around and enjoy the quilts of which there are many lovely ones.

First, let me introduce you to the largest of them all, 'Autumn'. It is a FULL quilt, i.e. long enough to be tucked in under the pillows and hang down round the sides. You can see from the photograph that the wall has had to be extended upwards to accommodate it! My friend Rosemary Hillman made the beautiful quilt and with all that quilting it is an achievement. I take my hat off to you, Rosemary!

Changing from hats to bags, here is Jacquie Harvey's entry in the Quilt Creations category. She has made this elegant 'Bucket Bag' with a small extra case for a mobile phone. With this bag Jacquie picked up 2nd prize and my admiration. Way to go, Jacquie!

No award for my 'Knotted Hearts', which is a wholecloth candlewick quilt, 30x30cm. However, I am looking forward to hearing what the judges have to say about it tomorrow.

There are 62 miniatures, and I am very happy to be one out of only two quilters to have entered a wholecloth quilt in this challenge. The other quilt is a beauty in red silk, machine quilted by Mary Palmer of Ireland.

Here they are on the wall:


  1. Thank you the pictures are great, as I am not at Birmingham it is nice to see some of the work, you always get a large selection and the top quilters exhibit some of the most outstanding work.
    More please.

  2. your candlewick minature is a work of art Queenie. I am managing to comment on your older blogs do not know what blogger is up top but have kept your email address for later posts.


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