Friday, 31 August 2012

TAST2012 Week 35

Already 35 weeks have passed since I joined the Take A Stitch Tuesday embroidery project. This is run by Sharon of Pintangle and her website is a wealth of information and inspiration. Participating in TAST has been an excellent learning experience and in the process I have made many friends to share ideas with and get advice from. Thank you all!

The mission for week 35 was the Sheaf Stitch. It is an easy and enjoyable stitch, I have used it before and should have experimented and 'developed' the stitch. Alas, my time and attention have been filled with many other things so I simply worked simple stitches on a small area of my 'travel panel'.

I have used up short strands of thread, snippets of ribbon and ric rac, a few stray beads and a small disk of pressed Angelina fibre.


  1. Such a lovely sampler, I like your spider!

  2. Great stitch really like this stitch.

  3. Angeline fiber is something I plan to experiment with. Nice to see an exemple of its use.
    By the way I know all about a camera that doesn't show what I see ;-)

    1. Angelina is fun to use but can be too stiff and difficult to control. To take really good photos I guess you need a good camera, light and some smart photo editing software. All that will have to be added to my 'wish list'.

  4. a beautiful and lovely sampler!


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