Saturday, 10 November 2012

International Quilt Week Yokohama 2012

I have been to visit the International Quilt Week in Yokohama.

As you enter you see these HUGE quilts. They are displayed every year.

This fantastic bed size quilt, made by Chieko Shiraishi, won the Grand Prix. It was impossible to take close ups of it, but I saw in the programme pictures of the intricate needle work. I hope it will travel to Houston!

Here are some other quilts from the contest that caught my eye. 

A shining medallion by Sashiko Nakamoto.

Japanese lanterns made with old kimono fabric, by Shizuko Yoshizawa.

 Shoko Sakai has made several of this type of quilt, this is version #7.

Western log cabins and Japanese cherry blossoms shine on this quilt by Kumiko Koyama.

 Teal is a colour I am often drawn to. This border is beautifully quilted by Hitomi Yamada.

 Sometimes writing is added for the beauty of the Kanji (Chinese characters). This calligraphy in reverse appliqué by Yoko Otani.

'My Sweet Garden' is the title of this elegant quilt by Keiko Kusumoto.

On closer inspection you can see it is all made with typical Japanese fabric.

From a distance this quilt glowed and had some unusual embroidery. Created by Hisako Chiba. 

Tomorrow I will show more details of embroidery on quilts at Yokohama Quilt Week.


  1. THank you for sharing all the great works queenie....Its amazing and you are lucky to see it in real..waiting for the embroidery pictures.

  2. Lovely lovely quilts wish I was with you.

  3. thank you Queenie for sharing this marvellous show with us, there are certainly some very talented quilters in Japan

  4. Just catching up a little and delighted to see these quilts, what incredible skill there is in your part of the world!


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