Monday, 19 November 2012

Faking Magic Chain

Oh, what a lot of wonderful ways the Magic Chain stitch have been used by various TAST members!

 I really want you to see Hopscotsch's take on the stitch. Like me she thought cold weather and clothing. Isn't the sweater great?
 Hopscotsch is famous for her sure sense of colour, as you can see here, and her creations are often highly decorated with beads and beautiful stitches.

Another person who has used stitches to look like knit is one of Japan's most famous embroidery artitst, Kazuko Aoki. The other day, quite by chance, I bought her book 'Seasons' (季節の刺しゅう).

In it there is a picture of two 'knitted' sweaters (page 54) and they are worked in ordinary Chain stitch but with three colours in the needle. This gives a mottled look to the sweater. Beautiful!

That had me think of another way to knit with an embroidery needle - make 'Fake Magic Chain', i.e. Split stitch with three colours in the needle.

Here is a picture tutorial:

Three colours in the needle.

Red on top.

Blue on top.

Yellow on top.


Happy stitching!


  1. such imagination you have Queenie, good to see what you have done here and to see how you have done it.

  2. Thank you Queenie for the tutorial...sure, going to make use of this soon.

  3. How cool it looks fantastic .
    Well done.

  4. Queenie, thank you for the kind inclusion in your blog! However, I must say your wonderful fairisle 'knitted cardigan' beats mine every time :)
    Stay warm!

  5. Brilliant and innovative use of three colors for chain stitch. Thanks for your comment on my blog.


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