Friday 29 September 2023

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches: 261 - 265

I want to feature Sunbonnet Sue at many stages of her life. 

Here she is in her teens, brooding over life, love, school, music, God, the future, acne,  plastic marine pollution.... She is wondering whether to join the fencing team or embroidery club at school, to make do with her pocket money or get a part-time job after school, to continue to wait for Sam in the year above to call or to be brave enough to text him, to apply for an exchange student programme and go abroad for a year... or should she give in to the pressure from her friends and try that party drug, or join the volunteers and clean up the beach, or...

Poor Sue is thinking so hard she's got a splitting headache.

Did you have an identity crisis in your youth?

Apart from the stitches above, I have also used Stem Stitch and Straight Stitch.


  1. Interesting use of all the stitches.

  2. Great way to use those stitches!!

  3. Poor Sue! But at least she has a pretty top to be confused in!

  4. I feel sorry for Sue. When I was a teenager I was too busy just surviving . My Mother died when I was 16 and I had to take on running the household, finish high school, get a job, then Uni. No time to be a teenager. Teenage angst wasn't on the list.

  5. ”Why was I born?“
    ”Why do I have to live?“
    Thinking about the above as a teenager was an ego awakening and opened the door for me to think about my identity. I think this was important in growing from a child to an adult.
    But I never realized that I was in that phase when I was a teenager.
    There must be many people like me. So there were times when it was difficult for me to think like Sue. Furthermore, Sue not lives in a clearly different environment that when I was a teenager. smartphones and large amounts of information.
    I think what Sue needs now is an environment and timeto relax and think.
    I recommend doing to a cafe a little far away that I've never been to before, drinking coffee and staring at the cityscape and people passing by.


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