Wednesday, 29 June 2022

WIPW - Completed the Parma Stitch

Progress on Work In Progress Wednesday has been slow because of the sweltering heat.

Label for Crazy for Crazy

The octagon block has been embellished.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

The #92 Parma Stitch (yellow and rust) started last week has been treated to Buttonhole Stitch.

There is also a line of #207 Plaited Edge Stitch (light purple) and another of #174 Pagoda Chevron Stitch (pink).


  1. The octagon looks great! You are making nice progress on the sampler.

  2. There's something rather joyful about the profusion of stitched lines, isn't there!

  3. Sweltering heat, I'm sorry to hear that. Our weather has cooled off for a few days, relief.
    I think Rachel is right all those lines of embellishment/embroidery is a beautiful thing!

  4. Oh how pretty that octagon block is!


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