Sunday, 10 March 2013

TAST stitches #56 and #57

Two TAST stitches, that is what Sharon of Pintangle gave us for this week:

#56 Sailors Stitch
which is a combination of Buttonhole stitch and Chain stitch

# 57 Sailors Edge Stitch
which is a Buttonhole stitch anchored with a Chain stitch.

You can see them (#56 in rose and #57 in brown) on my sampler, underneath the garland of Buttonholed Herringbone:

I also made some scribbled lines:
Can you recognise the design?

I had my design tools out and just traced the outline of  my French curve ruler...


  1. I'll bet you could get an interesting pattern by flipping that ruler in all directions. Your stitches all look so even.

  2. I love your sailors stitch. So beautiful!

  3. Your stitching is very neat. I'm always drawing round shapes like rulers but I've not stitched around them, yet.

  4. I am behind and will need to do those lost two. They look interesting.

  5. Sampler is beautiful. Scribbled lines are perfect.

  6. Your buttonhole herringbone is perfect. Samples are beautiful and I like the scribbled lines.

  7. It is true, how Julie comments, your stitches are so perfect and even. Good idea with the French curve ruler. Thnak you for commenting my stitches. The sailors edge is good to use - but also the other is very useful (the sailor stitch)

  8. Lovely stitch. The sailor stitch is different from mine, but it is very attractive also

  9. great examples of the tast Queenie, you certainly got the buttonholed herringbone done evenly

  10. I always admire your beautiful and even stitches, Queenie!


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