Monday, 18 March 2013

My blossoming cherry tree

This has been the coldest winter I have ever experienced here in Tokyo. It also felt so LONG, and the plum trees started blooming way too late.

So it is surprising that the cherry trees have started opening their buds early, too early, record breakingly early. This is what the tree outside my house looked like this morning:

So I needed to switch decoration inside the house as well. Out came this old crazy quilt:

and these two TAST projects from last year, 

Satin stitch.
Oh, I have learned so much during the year and I am sure I could now do much neater stitches than these!

Stem stitch.
Don't these look rough, too?

Poor flowers, the originals, blooming outside my door are the best! Now if we could only get some warmth, too, PLEASE!


  1. your cherry blossom is beautiful, I checked my garden yesterday (today it is snowing again) and there is very little sign of buds on either apple,pear,plum or cherry trees, the daffs are wanting to open, think if the snow had not come today I might have seen the first one.
    Queenie your stitches on the blossom are very good, can nearly smell them from here.

  2. Your flowers outside your house are fantastic it is so early, everything is budding here getting ready for the warmer weather.
    This weekend especially Saturday was so cold the wind was raw, I didn't get warm all day.
    Carry on sewing look forward to your next blog.

  3. No wonder Cherry Blossom time is looked forward to in Japan, they are beautiful. As are your embroideries. I love that quilt.

  4. Our plum that usually lasts many weeks, came out so late and the flowers are being blasted off by these powerful gusts of wind. Maybe some embroidered flowers might last long enough to be enjoyed. I love your touch of spring.

  5. I really like that crazy quilt with the cherry blossoms! And the real version is beautiful too of course!

  6. Your cherry tree is a beauty! i like your old crazy quilt and your stitches have always been even and perfect - in my opinion.
    In Europe we also had a long and dark and very cold winter. But I could escape on my island. So I send you warmth and sunshine to cold Tokyo! :-)

  7. Have just discovered your blog via A Quilter by Night, and I'm hooked! I love the crazy quilt–such a great use of fabric.

  8. or just a sunshine, pleeeeeaaase ! ^^
    your tast are beautiful. even if the stitches are not as even as you would like, the flowers are very expressive.

  9. How lovely that you can change the house decoration according to the outside.- it is perfect looking.
    You have all my admiration.


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