Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Indian Ornaments

Do you remember the beautiful ornaments I had found at a flea market in Sweden?

 Many online friends took an interest and helped in my pursuit to find the origin of these items.

Latha and Viji confirmed that they are Indian, made in Shrinagar, sold at pilgrim centres and used as hair and neck ornaments. The price on the label is apparently about $2. It saddens me a bit to tell you I only paid $0.75 for them. That farmer at the flea market did not realise the true value...

To compensate for this I added them to my crazy quilt block and hope their beauty can be appreciated here.
Next to the former hair ornament I stitched a row of Buttonhole Half Wheels with Straight stitches and beads. I matched the colours of the thread to the ones in ornament.

Along the other seam and next to what used to be a neck ornament I made a row of Knotted Buttonhole stitches with Detached Chain stitches and some beads.

I am pleased with the result although I have not made much progress on my block. Sharon of 'Work In Progress Wednesday', however, has worked hard and completed yet another lovely block. Have a look here.


  1. such wonderful adornments Queenie to your block, a very good find and so good to have found out about the pieces and where they are from.

  2. What great finds!! They terrific .

  3. You have done those ornaments proud Carin.

  4. They look stunning at the blue background!


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