Saturday, 13 October 2012

TAST2012 Week 41

For the last few days, 'life got in the way' as they say, i.e. I have been quite busy. That is why my contribution to TAST2012 Week 41, organised by Sharon of Pintangel, had to be rushed through.

Firstly I did not find a suitable fabric, but hurriedly dug up a long strip of fabric. I cut it in three, stitched it together and then raided my thread box for reels with just short lengths of thread left. Then I let the sewing machine run wild over the seams and a short piece of bias tape. I now had three panels to use for the Knotted Loop stitch, and some empty reels of thread (I can close the lid of my thread box again).

Something tall and narrow for the panels. How about fern or other long leafed plants? I started with the middle section and found that I did not like the Knotted Loop stitch. Maybe I was just too stressed about other things but I decided to change to Cretan stitch for the left panel and finally I used the Fly stitch for the right hand side. I added a few flowers to get some colour in.

I usually finish my embroideries by stretching them over cardboard but I have not yet had time to do this. That is why there are a lot of wrinkles. Sorry!


  1. I like the way you applied the stitches ...They go well each other ....simple and elegant !!!! and I love ferns.

  2. oh Queenie I agree with you I did not take to this stitch at all but we cannot like everything I remember you saying to me once before, even so a nice sample of both the dreaded loop and other stitches

  3. Whatever you feel anout this stitch again you have created a wonderful sampler!

  4. It's a lovely sampler. The stitch really is perfect for leafy fronds.

  5. All three stitches are perfect for leaves. I love the curves of your design. A disadvantage of this stitch is that you can't make it slantwise, at least I couldn't.

    1. Yes, I found it very difficult to control the angle of this stitch. For slant control the Fly stitch, Fern stitch and others are much easier to shape.

  6. Such lovely panels and your stitching looks wonderful!!

  7. I think KLS makes a nice leaf, more dense than the other two but still nice.

  8. you did produce a nice ferny foliage with it despite not enjoying it.
    even when you're in a hurry you're stitching is beautiful~!



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