Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - A bit busy

It is Wednesday again and time to report on the progress I have made on various things since last week.

I have been a bit busy but have had time to fill one piece with Knotted Loop stitches in dull pink and bronze metallic on the Crazy Quilt block:

On the Bias Tape quilt I secured the picot on the lace to the background (I had previously basted with a thin thread) and thereby quilting a kind of zigzag pattern.

I will do something to the corners next. That report will be next Wednesday. To check Sharon's progress and see what the others have been up to, go here.


  1. Your stitching is always an eyecandy. Thank you for sharing!

  2. you are a good girl working on your UFO`s, this one is coming along a treat

  3. your quilt becoming beautiful day by day !!!!!neat and perfect stitches!!!!!


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