Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday Aug 29th

Here is another shot of some of the progress I have made on my CQ.

The green leaves are machine embroidered iron-ons but I stitched them on, then added a few simple buttonhole stitches. A lovely raspberry coloured thin ribbon that I had been given was fixed with a row of open Cretan stitches. The Feather stitches at the bottom need some pizzazz and I will add some beads and then move on to another corner of this block.

Why don't you head over to Sharon's Work In Progress to see her lovely CQ block?


Marjolein said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
The green leaves are pretty. Actually I feel it is a pity that the raspberry coloured thin ribbon is "hidden" by the blue cretan stitches.
I hope you don't mind me being honest.

Queeniepatch said...

Absolutely not, an honest opinion from someone as experienced as you is accepted with gratitude. However, the photo does not give credit to the raspberry ribbon. There are metallic threads in it and in real life it shines. My camera is not that great.