Thursday, 9 August 2012

I have this friend...

After a long period of hard work to serve the family I am now enjoying myself in the UK. To me, this is Quiltland. I have many friends here who are interested in anything quilty or stitchy.

One of these good friends picked me up at the airport and then pressed a bag in my hand. No, it was not a travel bag, it was a shopping bag, full of THREAD!!! She had read my dismay at not having brought enough thread with me from Japan and finding the prices in Sweden high and the selection meager, that she had got a whole sweets bag full of goodies for me. I am so grateful and honoured to have such a good friend. Think of all the stitches I can take with this amount!


  1. Good photo and what jolly colours.

  2. Wonderful threads from a wondreful friend! I also buy my threads or most of them in UK.
    Happy Stitching! Claudia

    1. I am sure that you, too, find the selection of thread in the UK excellent. It is a good place to add to the stock.

  3. I thought you said that the prices in Sweden were high, Finland low.

  4. A good friend comes bearing threads (or fabric). Have a lovely time in UK, I'm so sorry I won't be seeing you - until next time :-)


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