Sunday 21 April 2024

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 285: Triple German Knot Stitch

Here is another stitch from the collection of Madam Totsuka. I found it in her book Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book 6. Let's call it Triple German Knot Stitch in English. Should you know of the official name, let me know and I will correct the naming.

Work a line downward, like this:

Homework: Add here.


Pamela said...

I’ve not seen this one before (that I know of), but I like it.

Angela said...

I love your A's! I was having a hard time imagining them not being on even weave fabric. They look marvelous!

Janie said...

The Triple German Knot Stitch makes an excellent line of knots, good tutorial too.
I see the three stitches in each little knot.

Rachel said...

I think I recognise it, but I can't put a name to it. I think you will find it will curve happily in one direction, less so in the other.

carorose said...

Oh I do like the look of that stitch, I have no idea what it's name would be so I think Triple German Knot Stitch it will be known by.

Toki said...

I agree with Janie, cute braids.😊
Sorry, I don't know the name of stitch.