Wednesday, 21 August 2019

WIPW - More of those Chains and Buttonholes

Work In Progress Wednesday.

My progress this week can be seen on
Freeform Embroidery
where I have added more Chain and Buttonhole stitches.

 The dark line is Backstitched Chain.

 Here are three new additions: Barb Stitch (2 mirrored Buttonhole stitches laced with dark pink)
A swirl of Buttonhole with Picot (version 2, Chain Stitch)
A line of very uneven Bonnet Stitch in a variegated Perle 8.

Finally I added a few French Knots in the centre of the Lazy Daisy flowers - they needed a bit of contrasting colour.


  1. Those red knots look a bit surprised to find themselves among all that blue and green.

  2. I love the colors you are using for this, and the freeform is very dynamic.

  3. This looks like such fun! The ornamented stitches are so varied, aren't they!


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