Wednesday, 19 December 2018

WIPW - A New Crazy Block

It is Wednesday again, and time to leave a report of Work In Progress.

Crazy for Crazy
After being so frustrated with the latest block, Sweet Potatoes and Roast Chestnuts I thought I would shelf this crazy quilt project. However, I pulled myself together and picked out a bunch of navy blue fabric, and pink threads, lace and ribbons.
I don't know if these are Aussie colours, but a lot of the thread and embellishment are from Down Under.

I then pulled myself together even more and pieced the naked block.
I must be back on track again, anyway I hope so!

Cathedral Windows
I added eleven raspberry pink pieces of 'glass' along the edge. These pieces will form the sides of the bag once it is constructed.

I am ready to start on the back, which will be done by machine.


  1. Interesting start on your new crazy block and your windows look fabulous!

  2. Love the pinks and navy blues. Wish I was catching up with you, would have given you some bits and pieces from Down Under.

  3. Nice start on your new crazy block, you're brave to keep going.
    And your Cathedral Windows are beautiful with the raspberry 'glass' additions.

  4. Oh, looking so good! Whatever you put on those dark crazy blocks will look stunning. The cathedral window is progressing nicely. I do love your choice of colors.

  5. It certainly seems as though inspiration has struck with this one!

  6. Nice start on your crazy and windows are looking great.

  7. I'm so glad that you didn't shelf your crazy quilt project! It's been so interesting to follow along with your blocks and I really enjoy seeing the combinations you come up with. Great start with the new colours - those pinks are so pretty! I also love the way the raspberry red blocks frame the other cathedral windows, and make the beautiful turquoise pop :)

  8. Wow! What a beautiful block. I love the colors. And your Cathedral Windows project looks amazing. You do such beautiful work.


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