Wednesday, 12 December 2018

WIPW - 14 x Turquoise

For my Work In Progress Wednesday this week, I can show a finish and some good progress.

Crazy for Crazy
Of the eight Crazy for Crazy cq blocks I have made, the one I call 'Sweet Potato and Roast Chestnuts' was by far the hardest and least enjoyable. The wine red fabric (sweet potato) and the grayish brown fabric (roast chestnut) did not offer any contrast. The brown and beige thread I started out with disappeared on the fabric. The emerald-ish teal thread looked too stark... Whatever I did felt disappointing.
Before giving up I had to do something. Finally I decided to add a few sequins and whip the Portuguese Stem Stitch with some light teal thread.

I will now call it quits and start with a new block that hopefully will be more enjoyable.

Cathedral Windows
I added 14 turquoise pieces of 'glass'. These will be on the edge/corner of the bag.
Furthermore I cut out thirteen raspberry pink pieces of marbled fabric and patterned batik, and these will be added to the empty squares. Once the bag is fully assembled these will be on the sides and the bottom of the bag.
When that is done, I can start on the back of the bag. I will make those squares and insets by machine, to try out another method.


  1. I think you may not be so disappointed when you put it with the others. The colours are rich and dark, and the spots of bluey greens and greeny blues create a bit of a lift. Turn your back on it until the pain is gone!

  2. Your cathedral windows are so pretty! I am enjoying doing cw by hand but I am interested in what you think about doing the back by machine. I've seen photos on the internet of machine cw but I don't know what the stitcher thiought about the process.

  3. I like Rachel's comment, 'turn your back on it till the pain is gone' .
    I've done the same myself.
    I think your block will turn out to be good contrast, too.
    The whip stitch is attractive.
    And your Cathedral Window project is beautiful.

  4. The block is nicely finished. I love the way those turquoise windows frame the center.

  5. Your cathedral windows bag is going to be so beautiful! I love batiks but never know what to make with them. I'm so sorry your quilt block was so challenging but I do love your button and the way you've picked up that beautiful blue from the pretty lace. Once you have your quilt assembled, I'm sure it will fit in nicely. Hope your next square is more enjoyable ūüėä

  6. Actually this may be my favorite of your crazy blocks! I love the colors you've used and the leaves going up the center.

    Oh my! Your cathedral windows are beautiful! You put me to shame! It is going to be hard for me to attend "show and tell" at the quilt show this year!!!


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