Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Work In Progress Wednesday - The Love Life of Snakes

Trinity Green - the snaky quilt

I don't know anything about the love life of snakes, but when I checked the box they have been  hibernating in, there were four new long ones and a baby of 27 triangles!
So for this WIPW report I can tell you I now have a total of 7.047 triangles.

No need to comment on this progress.


  1. no need to comment but commenting anyway! Good to see your snake family is growing!!

  2. Good to keep track of them and .... what an immense amount of triangles!

    1. I assure you I keep the box firmly closed, but maybe that makes for a more intimate environment and next time I open the lid, there might be a much larger den of snakes....

  3. They are certainly growing, soon it will be one extremely long snake.

  4. Hi Queenie! Snake families indeed. This is getting a little out of control.
    Fun just the same.

  5. I am waiting for these snakes to change into something beautiful.


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