Wednesday, 8 February 2017

WIPW - Not Enough

After checking the width of the green triangle quilt, also known as Trinity Green, it turned out that I need more triangles. The Work In Progress Report is therefore about the 189 triangles I added to paper strips to join together into a 'snake'.
The total number of triangles thus stands at 7.236.

I have also worked on making some Hina dolls for the Girls Day Festival, but I will report on that progress in a separate blog post.

No need to comment on this progress.


  1. I can't believe with all those triangles, you were short!

  2. checking is good during a big project like this. Happy Stitching!

  3. what?? more trinagles happy making

  4. Better to find out about the shortage now, rather than at the end when you feel sure you had enough. That would be really disappointing.

  5. Usually you find that you have too many and then don't know what to do with the extra.

    1. Fear not, any extras will end up in a machine cushion, or two!


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