Wednesday, 25 January 2017

WIPW - 100% Harmless and Toothless Snakes in Hibernation

Work In Progress Wednesday

Trinity Green

I am sorry to have frightened some of my readers with the word 'snake' in my last WIPW report. I asure you they are 100% harmless and totally toothless and made of fabric, thread, and their only strength is in the paper they are stitched onto.

Now they seem to have gone into hibernation! I have only seen a ball of three new ones:
I have spent a lot of my free time with the quilt show at Tokyo Dome, but hope to have more progress to report next week.

No Fabric in Focus this time.


  1. Those snakes are a long way from me so I am safe.

  2. Snakes can wait. The quilt show is over all too soon!

  3. the quilt show you have shared has been wonderful and yes the snakes can wait

  4. you must have been so much inspired by the quilt show. that can be considered a progress.

  5. Even snakes need a rest,Queenie and the quilts are far to fabulous to miss seeing. thanks for sharing them.


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