Tuesday, 16 August 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 78 - 84

This week's creamy, buttery colours were 'delicious' to work with.

From top:
78) Cloud Filling
79) Chained Cross Stitch
80) Raised Chain, version 1 (left)
81) Raised Chain, version 2 (right)
82) Spanish Feather Stitch
83) Siennese Stitch
84) Spiked Knotted Chain Stitch

The steamy heat of Tokyo has had an adverse affect on the quality of my stitching - and photography, sorry about the blurred picture.

Don't know what TAST is? It stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, which was an online course in embroidery stitches led by Sharon Boggon of Pintangle.
In this series of TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings I am repeating seven stitches each week of the 140 stitches once learned.
Have I wetted your appetite for embroidery? Do you want to learn some of these stitches? Then head over to Pintagle's stitch dictionary where you can learn from the clear and easy to follow instructions.
Happy stitching!


Linda Calverley said...

I like the changing colours of the thread as well as the stitching of course.

carorose said...

I have always had a fondness for that colour. Very soft.

Pamela said...

This keeps getting better all the time!

crazyQstitcher said...

Lovely samples of the stitches. Cloud stitch is so nice and yet I rarely use it. I like your colour change.
I hope the weather becomes cooler for you.

Séverine said...

Beautiful stitches and beautiful colors.