Sunday, 9 June 2013

TAST #69 Buttonholed Double Chain

The TAST stitch of the week, #69, is called Buttonholed Double Chain. It has a reputation for being a 'tricky' stitch and I had to take a few test stitches before I 'got it'. Once I had found the rhythm it was fun to do, and I do like the look.

Instructions are as always on Pintangle.

This time there is only work on my sampler to show.
(I ran out of light purple thread and had a gap that I filled with two orange Buttonhole Bars. As you can see I am still having a problem with the flies; a mutated version has appeared. Time to notify the WHO?)


  1. your latest stitch has as usual worked very well Queenie and I think the flies are great

  2. Those insects are sooo cute.

  3. Your stitches are very neat.

  4. Your stitches are so nice and straight. I must need more practice!


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