Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WIPW - relaunching 'Kafferepet'

WIPW, Work In Progress Wednesday, read here what it is and what others have accomplished.

My ACTUAL work in progress just now is a birthday card and the fantastic online course Sumptuous Surface Embroidery by Sharon.
The former is a needle painting job that I don't want to show just yet, sorry.
The latter is keeping me busy studying. Sharon has supplied us with a course material of about 200 pages, jam packed with theories, examples and advice as well as lots of new stitches. Right now we are working on colour and this is an area where I have no previous 'academic' knowledge (although I have tried to grasp the theory of colour from other books in the past). It it by actually LOOKING, MATCHING, COMPARING and WORKING examples that I have begun to understand colour. Until now I have used my intuition or gut feeling. I hope the course will improve my sense of colour and also be a support when I reach a 'colour block' and feel I have got stuck in a rut.

So what progress can I show you? The simplest of simple: I have taken an old UFO quilt top out of the cupboard! Great progress, eh?

The title of this quilt is 'Kafferepet' and its theme should be obvious to any Swedish reader. You might notice the colours of the Swedish flag, some summer flowers,  a famous pattern on the china and to the initiated e.g, anyone who has joined in a 'kafferep', the corner of a checkerboard patterned thing on the plate...
More of the history of this 'flimsy' quilt top next week, when I also hope to show you some actual progress!


  1. good to see you rescuing something from the cupboard Queenie, looks very interesting. Sharon`s course sounds full of advice and lots to be learnt from it.

  2. Yes, I remember reading a lot in Sharon's class. I think if I would read it again I still learn new things. It's just too much to learn in just 6 weeks. Looking forward to see more of your Kafferepet.

  3. That embroidery looks interesting and the glimpse of the cup and saucer that looks like applique. Can't wait to see more.

  4. I like the lovely quilt top in progress,(the kafferepet) and eager to hear more of the class - people who take it have Wonderful comments about Sharon's teaching, what they learn from the class and each other, etc. :)

  5. You have to start somewhere if you want to finish an UFO.
    Even I have taken an UFO out of the cupboard.


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