Friday, 19 April 2013

TAST #61 Up and Down Feather Stitch + TAST #62 Raised Cross Stitch Flower

Today I have two TAST stitches to show. (To find out what TAST stands for, click here).

Stitch #61 is called Up and Down Feather Stitch and is a combination of Up and Down Buttonhole stitch and Feather stitch. Both of them are favourites of mine and this was a great combination stitch.

#62 goes under the name of either Raised Cross Stitch Flower or Whipped Cross Stitch

On my sampler #61 is in lion coloured Perle 8 and #62 also in Perle 8, yellow, blue and light green

 I wanted to make a picture using both stitches and was looking around for inspiration. Then one evening I was watching a documentary on TV about the gigantic drills used in tunnel digging (they are called tunnel boring machines) and thought that would make a nice, unique design.

Ha! Failure! Mitsubishi Heavy Industries may make great TBMs, but Queenie's Boring Machine was indeed 'boring', and had to be turned into something else, a bit more romantic. How about a flower wheel?
Please note that as spring is so cold not many leaves have opened although the Raised Cross Stitch Flowers are in full bloom. Also for the ones out there with eagle eyes you will notice that I have added a few straight stitches at the top most Up and Down Feather stitches.

Wishing you all lots of FUN while stitching!


  1. Yep, nothing boring about that wheel. And flowers that will hang on to their petals work well on this gusty day!

  2. Very very beautiful. Very creative. Like the round shaped piece.

  3. That looks most impressive! I better get a hurry on and catch up.

  4. love the flower wheel Queenie, you never disappoint with your creations.

  5. Your flower spring wheel is wonderful

  6. Such a gorgeous flower wheel, love the fabric you used!

  7. I dont know how the TBMs will look like but this flower wheel sure is romantic and beautiful !!! Love the green one in the middle !! Oh yes, there are more leaves to come ..will look really pretty when they all come out. Reminds me of one of our festival called "onam" for which we make flower wheel in our front yard with real beautiful flowers of all kind available in that season.

  8. I loved doing my mandalas for TAST last year and this so reminds me of what fun I had !!
    Great use of the stitches Queenie......
    Chris Richards

  9. Pretty and clever. I can imagine a bicycle with wheels like this.

  10. Of course! Now why didn't I think of that image! Thank you for a great eye opener!

  11. Your flower wheel is fantastic, Queenie. Also the straight rows are beautiful!
    The only things I have in my suitecase when I go to the island, are my threads, needles and some fabrics - not all of course :-)!


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