Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Rising Sun - HATSUMODE

In my last post I showed two New Year's decorations without mentioning that they are not of my making. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Actually, there is only one ornament to celebrate the start of the year that I have made myself.
Many years ago I was given a bag of scraps of elaborate fabric by a dressmaker who specialises in wedding dresses. By piecing and overlapping several layers of white lace, organza and silk I made a large disc which I placed on dark blue velvet - the moon on the night sky for an Harvest Moon ornament.
On the reverse I made a similar disc of muted red silk on a shimmering background - Hatsumode, or the Rising New Year Sun. It is a very simple wall hanging, and not quilted.

In front of it you can see some other (bought) ornaments in straw and paper, as well as the lacquer bento boxes in which the New Year's dishes are served. The other pieces of lacquer 'crockery' include black sake cups and red soup bowls with lids.

We are now enjoying the second day of the New Year holidays. My day will be filled with sewing, napping and watching TV.


  1. how nice is that to have a wall hanging to celebrate the new year would like to see the harvest moon too no doubt you will be hanging it at harvest time and then will post a pic for us.
    Love those little drawers

    1. You might like the contents of the drawers even better! They are full of lace, ribbon, beads and other cq related items!

  2. What a lovely display it has a really calming feel.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  3. It is alway a pleasure to see things that are typical for a foreign country/culture. Thank you, Queenie, for sharing! Is the red circle on the Japanese flag also a symbol for the sun? I like your quilt very much, simple things often turn out to be the best.

    1. Hi!
      Yes, isn't internet and blogging great for sharing and learning about each other's world?
      Yes, the red dot on the Japanese flag is the sun. Japan is an island country so you can see the sunrise and sunset from any coast.
      Hinomaru is the easiest flag in the world to draw, you need a white sheet of paper, a red crayon and can easily draw a circle!
      The second easiest flag is the Austrian?
      The simplest of Japanese lunchboxes is a bentobox filled with white rice with a red pickled plum (salty flavour) placed in the middle!

  4. Thank you, Queenie! Yes, it's great to learn from each other.
    Japan and Austria share the same colours in their flags.
    Years ago I have been in Japan, I'm very attracted by Japanese culture. Same here on "my" island, in my place I just can see the sunrise.

  5. What lovely decorations to celebrate the New Year.

  6. A very beautiful display, Queenie. We were able to buy a few things when we were in Japan several years ago among them a beautiful lacquer bowl and a porcelaine serving dish. I even bought fabrics..... of course.

    1. I, too, love getting some 'useful' everyday souvenirs from my trips. Every time you use them, memories come back. When and where were you in Japan?


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