Sunday, 6 January 2013

The profit of a wild guess

Isabelle of Pierres, Papiers, Ciseaux is a member of TAST who is always inspiring me with her great work. Some time ago she had a little quiz on her blog and my answer was just a wild guess. However, I was fortunate to be the first one with the correct answer and Isabelle sent me a shower of gifts:

There were unusual sequins, decorations for card making, small charms perfect for crazy quilting (look at that little Eiffel tower!), a hand made card and the beautiful heart with ribbon embroidery on felt. You should see those neat stitches!
The small parcels were gift wrapped with glittery ribbons that I can incorporate into my embroidery work.
The profit of a wild guess!
Many thanks, Isabelle, for your kind gifts. 


Before the holidays I made a cushion for a friend. I wanted to make something very simple yet gorgeous. I had some upholstery fabric in my stash and made this double sided cushion. 

Maybe one of the most enjoyable TAST stitches is the Knotted Buttonhole. It is easy to make and striking in looks, so the perfect choice for this cushion.


latha said...

It certainly is simple and gorgeous!!! Your friend is going to love it for sure. Neatly done and I love it.

carorose said...

That little heart scissor fob is beautiful. I am designing a set of heart shaped fobs for my next children's class but that one puts my efforts to shame.

Queeniepatch said...

Thank you, Latha

Queeniepatch said...

Yes, it is beautiful! Head over to Isabelle's blog to see other lovely hearts she has made:

margaret said...

a beautiful cushion Queenie and will be greatly loved I am sure. Aren`t you lucky some lovely goodies you won there, that heart is lovely. Isabelle`s blog is great to follow, keep discovering more blogs will have to limit time spent on them or no stitching will be done!!

Marjolein said...

So little stitching and it adds so much. Wonderful idea!

Claudia said...

Queenie, this pillow is wonderful and elegant! Great work! Enjoy your lovely gifts!