Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - The Butterfly that Escaped

It is Wednesday and time to report Work In Progress. December is here and that can be seen in Sharon's block over at Pintangle. What progress have I made?

Many pieces of fabric and embellishment on my crazy quilt block come from a kit I bought last year at Yokohama International Quilt Week. It was eight months after the devastating tsunami and many traders would give some of their profit to the victims. One 'Wagon Trader' (selling on a smaller scale) was run by superb quilter Hideko Ishida and her group of crazy quilters. They are located in Sendai, a city hit badly by the earthquake and tsunami. I have given support to the  victims of the disaster in many ways but this was one of the most enjoyable. Every time I take out my cq block and work on it I think of Sendai.

This week I fastened a butterfly from that kit on one of the few free spaces left - the block is soon complete. It is winter and I feel like this is the Butterfly that Escaped the Horrendous Wave, and in the midst of winter still struggles to get on with life - just like all people in Tohoku.


  1. Beautiful butterfly. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.


  2. devastating earth quakes and tsusami leave so much destruction and the loss of life is something that can never be replaced. Fund raising helps to replace buildings and things destroyed but the heartache will live on for years.
    The butterfly is a very good symbol of something that has survived.

    1. For us who live in Japan, we hear about the heartache and the reconstructions efforts on a daily bases on domestic news. The poor residents of the NorthEast have to live with it.
      THank you for sharing my feelings.

  3. I love your butterfly and the color of the beads around it.

  4. A very nice and delicate applique butterfly.

  5. The butterfly is so delicate and beautiful.This is really inspiring.

  6. A symbol of re-birth, beautiful. These people have been through so much.


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