Monday, 31 December 2012

Balancing act

I love comments, and especially from critics with an eye for details.

Marjolein of Threads and Patches has the eye, and pointed out that my cq block was a bit out of balance. I took a good look, and found that she is absolutely right. I have now tried to rectify the problem, with denser stitching and a sprinkling of sequins in some areas.

She also suggested that the Indian ornaments do not belong to this block because of their dominance of yellow. 
For me, these ornaments have such a story (read this, this and this) and removing them is non-negotiable. Instead I tried to add splashes of yellow and gold to other parts of the block for a better balancing act.

Below you can see what the block looks like now. As it is the last day of the year I will 'call it a day' (or year) and do no more.

See you all tomorrow, i.e. in 2013!


  1. Much much better now! The best improvement are the added flower sequins at the lower left. I have placed pictures of both blocks (before and after) side by side on my screen to compare them and the difference is great. It always surprises me to see how adding a bit of stitching changes the whole picture. All the things you added look good.
    I'll reply to your email next year.
    While I type this, it is almost New Year in Japan.
    Happy New Year, dear Carin!

  2. Dear Marjolein,
    Thank you for your help in seeing what needed to be done to improve this block.

  3. Such a lovely beautiful work queenie! Effort you put in this worth it! embellishment, Stitching, colours used all goes well. Just love it!!!
    Happy New Year dear.

  4. You do such beautiful work and have great patients it is a joy to see your work.Happy New Year


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