Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday or ...

I am still working on the ricrac border.
On this border there are four central blocks in grey (the yellow strips weren't long enough for the border so I added a block piece of grey). These areas stand out like a sore thumb so I wanted to add something.

Following the instructions from Sharon's tutorial I made some ricrac roses. They are awesome, but I am not sure that they belong on this quilt. Is this Work in Progress or A Waste of Time?

Are they too high? Should I make them flatter? What do you think?


  1. I think they look very pretty - but I like the rickrack you have already sewn down too !

  2. Work in Progress or A Waste of Time?

    It all depends, if you are learning something then it is not a waste of time. :-)

  3. re your roses Queenie, I love them and certainly not a waste of time, before I read what you had written I thought they were crocheted. I must have a look at then tutorials but thesae days time seems to vanish!!

  4. Anything new is never a waste of time. The rose ties in very nicely with the other ric rac that you already have it depends on whether you like something of this height on the piece and what else is to be added. Sorry not much help but I love what you are doing so far.

  5. The roses are very pretty. Learning something new is a wounderful feeling. So go ahead.

  6. Not a waste of time as you have learnt how to make them and they look good. From the photo the rose looks like it belongs on the quilt and I think enhances the work.

  7. Well, you learned something new, so it's not a waste of time.

  8. Your WIP looks beautiful and the colours are wonderful. The ricrac rose is a lovely blue and adds wonderfully to your quilt. Are there other embellishments that are just as high or can your rose be made a bit smaller perhaps?

  9. I think learning to make the rose is great. However, I am not sure this is the best place for it. Perhaps if it were flatter or you could use it some where else. Why don't you just leave it for now and see how you feel when you are closer to finished. Learning is never a waste of time.
    Just my two cents.

  10. Hello friends!

    Thank you for the feedback. You are so right, learning something new is not a waste of time. I am very happy to have stumbled on Sharon's tutorial and the roses are nice on a ricrac border. I think I will keep them at this height and add some other slightly raised thing (ricrac leaves maybe) for balance.
    I am very grateful for your comments and ideas.


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