Saturday, 14 July 2012

TAST2012 Week 28

Time for the lovely Up and Down Buttonhole stitch in Sharon's Take A Stitch Tuesday project. Head over there to see the stitch and the other participants' fantastic work.

Pressed for time I rushed this and made only half a face!


  1. you are one up on me Queenie |I am afraid have not done the tast this week, will try to catch up but graddaughter is in hospital so busy with her

  2. I know about busy! DO take care of your granddaugher. TAST can always be caught up with if one should wish to do so.

  3. funky!

  4. Wow!
    I love it.
    Finework and nice imagination.

  5. You always come up with these creative looking things, Queenie!

  6. When I saw the shape of the stitch I thought of eyelashes and the eye liner at the bottom!

  7. Really enjoy your work and thank you for your kind words.


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