Tuesday, 9 August 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 71 - 77

The colours I had chosen for last week were not tempting, and my schedule was full of other things than embroidery. I just had to skip the Second Helpings last week.

Now back in full swing:

From the top:
71) Bullion Buttonhole Stitch
72) Wrapped Coral Stitch
73) Portuguese Stem Stitch
74) Zig-Zag Chain Stitch
75) Woven Zig-Zag Chain Stitch
76) Vandyke Stitch (spaced in two ways)
77) Woven Cross Stitch
I feel very proud that I had remembered the instructions, although some names had slipped my mind.


  1. Tuesday already! Time flies. This is lovely. As I said last week, I like these colors.

  2. Very nice. I will need a touch of embroidery on my banner once the heads are finished. I am considering doing the lettering with some kind of fill-in stitch but nothing planned yet.

  3. These stitches make great samplers and I love your colours.

  4. More interesting varieties of your stitches. I also like the greys very much. Classy, soothing, gentle shades.
    Well done with remembering the how-tos of stitches. With over 100 stitches learned, this is a great achievement.


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