Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What to do with 'snow fabric'

Some snow in Tokyo is still glistening, now in the glow from the street lamps. However, most roads are free from snow, but icy and slippery.

The beautiful white fabric sprinkled with silver paint that I showed in my last blog post was used for one of the Christmas cards I made in December.

This was a feeble attempt at Chris Richard's tutorial.
Well, never mind, at least the fabric is pretty!


  1. The whole picture is pretty ;)

  2. I don't know about feeble. I think you piece is delightful.

  3. Queenie I was reading in a magazine that you can dye fabric with snow, you mix up your dyes and then cover the fabric with a massive pile of snow then trickle the various colours onto the snow, as the snow slowly melts the fabric takes on the colour but depending on the speed as to what effect you get. Article was writen by Janet Jo Smith, not sure if you could find anything on the internet, you might like a go at the technique.If you want more instructions just let me know

  4. Queenie, I must say sorry to you for being late with this comment ! But I think your version is wonderful .....Love the red and the stitching is spot on, so
    Bravo,bravo to you !!
    Chris Richards


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