Sunday, 23 December 2012

TAST test - lack of time, quality control and unfortunately, memory!

Last night I settled down for the  TAST test (see yesterday's post).

I had miscalculated the time needed and was not able to complete the test within three hours. One reason, if I should put the blame on some external factor, was that I did the various stitches at random and had to move the hoop around the 'test paper'. The other was of course, hesitation.
It took me another 30 minutes to finish.

Then I had done 46 of the 48 stitches. There are two blank squares, (and there is a button on the three squares where we had a catch-up week). For my life I could not remember how to do the Knotted Cretan and the Cast On stitches and had to give up.

When I checked I found that I had done all the other stitches but one correctly! What's that, a test result of 96%? Not too bad, but I would have done considerably worse if I had not crammed a lot of the stitches.

What I flunked on was the Linked Double Chain, oh, why had I not crammed that stitch? I remember when we did it in summer, I was sitting at the airport  in Amsterdam and thought how appropriate to make something that looked like tulips - and I was working them incorrectly. They should not look like tulips! Or have I created a new stitch, the Amsterdam Tulip Stitch, ha, ha?!
This is what I did in August - all wrong!

Now on the test I had made another mistake; I had forgotten the Chain stitch linking the 'tulip'.

All wrong!

Testing is good to draw attention to a mistake. I am sure I will now learn to do this stitch correctly.

Back to revise the Cast On and Knotted Cretan as well, then I add the three stitches to my 'test paper' tomorrow.


  1. Well, 96% is a very impressing result! I doubt that I could keep up - but then there's that inspirational folder with the printouts that I can cling to as kind of extern memory :-)
    Merry Christmas to you and a wonderful New Year!

  2. Well done, I think you did a marvelous job.

  3. I think congratulations are very much due to you and a pat on the back, you have done amazingly with this task

  4. Congratulations Queenie. 96% is great!
    I wish you a good new year, full of health and inspiration
    Thank for your support, nice comments and encouragement :)

  5. congratulations. Good new year , health and inspiration for your embroideries....

  6. YEEKS!! I wouldn't even try because I know I wouldn't do so good. That score is impressive.


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