Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cramming for TAST test

As I mentioned before, December is a month with term tests in Japanese schools.
My reason for joining TAST back in January was to learn, but what have I actually learned?
The best way to find out is of course to have a test.
Luckily Sharon is not a strict teacher and is not testing anyone.
I can, however, test myself, on my own terms. You might think I am a real odd-ball, but I am enjoying this challenge!

First thing to do is prepare a test 'paper' and the rules:

I took a piece of cheap cotton and divided it into squares with the name and weekly number of each TAST2012 stitch.

Here are paper slips with the corresponding stitches.
Don't you just love the charming basket, starched with sugar and decorated with red silk ribbons, my friend and excellent quilter  Rosemary Hillman has given me?
Taking a lucky dip test question from this basket will make the test fun!

1) take a slip of paper
2) work five stitches for each stitch variety, except the ones like Buttonhole Wheel Cup or Buttonhole Eyelet Flower that are already a unit
3) leave a blank if I can't remember
4) try to finish all within 3 hours
5) check the result, gulp!
6) unpick the incorrect ones and revise them
7) take a break of one day
8) redo the blanks

Now I am busy cramming for the test.

The flesh coloured embroidery thread is from Sweden and very old (from grandmother's stash?). It is of inferior quality with knots!!!! linking the strands. Useful for nothing but cramming!!!


  1. Queenie, I do hope you enjoy your challenge, I am sure you will come through with flying colours afraid I will not be following your example and having a go myself know I will fail miserably!!

    1. There are 48 stitches we have learned so far. Who could remember them all without re-doing and checking the instructions again and again? I will do my best but don't feel too confident.

  2. Queenie, great idea. I know I cannot remember all the stitches because many were new to me. I have started to stitch a sampler including all stitches from TAST 2012. The begin was easy for I there are the basic stitches.
    Enjoy your challenge!

    1. That is a good idea, and I will complete the bird sampler I made halfway through the year with the remaining stitches. As they have become more and more complex, revising them is a must for me.

  3. Wow!!!!!!!
    Really interesting. Let me too follow.

  4. If we really want to remember all the TAST stitches, it is a good idea to repeat them till we know them thoroughly. Then it will be easier to actually use them in our work.

    1. I agree, repeating and redoing the stitches is the best way to actually be able to use them 'off the cuff'. However, just like in school, 'why repeat old stuff when one can learn new' always goes through my mind. Cramming has been very good for me.

  5. Good luck! Even though I have been embroidering for years I know I would fail, I need a reminder for most of the stitches I don't do very often.

  6. Good Idea Queenie, I do not know if I'll be able to do it again without any explanation of Sharon ...


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