Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Work In Progress - Made on Holiday

I'm on 'holiday', i.e. busy visiting family and friends, so time for stitching is limited.
However, I have made a wee bit of progress on my CQ block. So this is what I am reporting to Sharon's Work In Progress Wednesday.

I made use of last week's TAST stitch and added a row of Up and Down Buttonholes. (Sorry, but my photographic focus seems to be on holiday, too!)


  1. i like the look of that.

  2. I like the pearls ,very neat as always.
    Hope your having a good time.?

  3. A lovely variation of the up and down buttonhole.

  4. I like your stitching and the use of the pearls. Hope you are having a good holiday.

  5. Great addition to your crazy quilt block, Queenie. Good idea to use the TAST in a practical way, rather than as a sampler, as many of us are doing.

  6. Thank you to all!
    Sharon's Work In Progress Wednesday is a good way to keep me on my toes; just a small addition is still progress, right! CQ 'needs' beads so they seem to creep in everywhere. As Debbie said it is a good idea to use TAST stitches in other projects as well. Firstly you practice more and can see the stitch in a different way. Secondly, you don't need to think hard about what to add to your 'progress'. Good for lazy, busy, holiday brains!
    I'm having a great time, I hope you all are, too.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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