Here I want to share with you my lifelong love for needlework and quilting. They are most fulfilling activities and there is no wonder why they grow in popularity in our modern world with its hectic pace. Even the busiest of people can enjoy sewing for a short time every day. I hope you will find inspiration here,  pick up the needle and enjoy creating things to treasure forever.


  1. Dear QuenniePatch, I love your work. The faces are grand and I really like the fellow with the knitted sweater and book. Great Idea. Is most of your embroidery hand done, or is there a mix of machine and hand. Thank for sharing. Faye Post, Virginia, USA

    1. Thanks for visiting. My EMBROIDERED items are all hand made; the quilts are a mix of hand and machine; I use the machine mainly for constructions, never for quilting.

  2. Thank you for all you great ORT ideas!


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