Stumpwork Portraits

When I was given Fay Maxwell’s excellent book ‘Stump Work Faces’ and made my first ‘lady’, I instantly fell in love. Here is a most enjoyable way of expressing oneself with a few scraps of fabric, left over thread and the odd bead or button. I hope you will be charmed by these little ladies.

Now, who's this?

Lady in hat of sari silk, 2009

Lady in purple, 2009

Lady in Norwich shawl, 2009

The Checked Apron, 2010

Lady Elegance, 2011
With Green Eye Shadow, 2010

Lady A,  For Japan Fund Raiser, 2011

Lady in red tweed coat, 2010
Mrs Prim, 2010
Miss March, 2011
Modern lady in kimono, 2011
The tipsy Sloan Ranger, 2011
Miss L, For Japan Fund Raiser, 2011
Midsummer, 2011
Miss July, 2011
Miss September, 2011
St Lucia, 13th Dec, 2011
Tomtemor, Christmas, 2011
Dame Astrakhan, for TAST 2012, French Knot
Lady Astrakhan, for TAST2012, Bullion Knot

My first male portrait, using Jan Messent's method, and a knitted sweater in Raised Chain Stitches versions 1&2, 2013

Blanche has a collar made of TAST stitch #58 Woven Detached Chain Stitches with beads, 2014
A birthday card, 2015

A birthday card, 2016

Remove the pin and the face is revealed.
Get Better Soon card, 2016

'The Gardener', Birthday card, 2016
A birthday card 2018


  1. these are all delightful - I can keep visiting a different one, and wonder at all the lovely details

    1. Thank you!
      They are such fun to make as you never know how they will look when finished - I swear they have a life of their own!

  2. I also keep visiting your ladies. They're fabulous! They inspired me to buy "Stumpwork Figures" by Kay & Michael Dennis. Their approach is a little different from yours. Would you ever consider doing an online class on how to make a simple lady?

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Kay and Michael Dennis approach is not only different, it is the TRUE way of making stumpwork figures. Fay Maxwell's style is freer and you can be as rough as you like. I use both techniques and have added my own way of dressing the ladies.
      Yes, I have often thought of doing a tutorial or online class, but it would not be realistic until the autumn. Can you wait?

    2. Hello again. What is the phrase..."The best things in life are worth waiting for"? It would be a treat if you did a tutorial or online class -- IF it is convenient for you. I'll keep an eye out and look forward to it. In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy your blog.

  3. I love these ladies it would be really great if you did an online course They just make me giggle fabulous fun

  4. Your ladies are gorgeous and if you do an online course please let me know!

  5. Your ladies are lovely,I like stumpwork but I have never tried people.

  6. fantastic ladies. wonderful work Queenie!

  7. Love your stumpwork ladies and gentleman [that sweater is great]. It is a long time since I tried this kind of work, but I know I enjoyed doing it.

    1. They are great fun, and I especially like that I can not control their facial expression or their 'mood'. They take on a personality of their own!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks, Cindy. Is your Logo picture a self portrait, I wonder?

    2. No, just a first try at Dimensional embroidery (Kathy Shawkl design). If I ever get the money for Kay and Michael Dennis' book, I may just try a self portrait. Wouldn't that be grand. In the meantime I am practicing tons of stumpwork. Your logo is meant to be a self portrait, isn't it?

    3. Yes, it is MEANT to be, you might not find me in the crowd if your only reference were that portrait though, ha, ha!
      I think there are two kinds of stumpwork. 1) traditional where everything is made up of thread with wire, wood or wadding underneath 2) free form where fabric, stitches and ink/paint play a big part. Making a self portrait in the latter way is much easier.

    4. just found this page--I just love the characters. Also thank you for commenting on the two kinds of stumpwork. I am definitely a free from kind of person and glad this is also included. I have a book on order

  9. These are delightful! You have a terrific eye and very nimble fingers!

  10. What a lovely group og ladies.Why not invite all to a swedish fika.It Woolf be great to hear them from distance. :)

    1. Ha, ha! Ja, de skulle kanske gilla en fika tillsammans, eller afternoon tea. Jag tror att många har lite engelskt blod (dvs vadd) i sig.


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