In this album I show a variety of objects, such as bags, boxes, album covers, photo frames, cushions. I find that these smaller items make excellent gifts.

Photo album cover

A wedding gift, 2004

Crazy quilt bags

Made for charity bag sale, Norwich 2004

Circles and beads bag

Made for charity bag sale, Norwich 2006

Photo frame

A sampler of fabric, thread and stitches

Appliqué cushion

Baltimore flower basket pattern

Painted and quilted cushion


Box for notepaper

Appliqué and embroidery

Appliqué and embroidery

Patchwork pencil case

Sampler of embroidery stitches
Kimono clad rabbit to celebrate 2011
Coming of Age Day bunny, 2011
Birthday card, Cat in the window, 2011
Birthday card, tatted lace embroidery, 2011

Cushion in upholstery fabric with Knotted Buttonhole stitches on the border, 2012.
Birthday card, felt flowers, 2013


  1. The applique cushion is my favourite,it is beautiful,I also like the tatting in fact it is so hard to choose.I have spent time today to read more about you and look at your work and I have enjoyed looking at everything.

  2. Replies
    1. They were made for Coming of Age Day, January 15th (or thereabouts) when the young adults who have turned 20 during the past year are celebrated officially. Most young ladies dress up in formal kimonos. 2011 was also the year of the Rabbit.


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