Girls’ Day, Hina Matsuri, is held in Japan on March 3rd every year. Families with daughters decorate their homes with elaborate displays of elegant dolls for a month prior to this day. However, in a few parts of rural Japan, mobiles of hanging ornaments made from scraps of kimono fabric or silk crepe (chirimen) are used instead. These little lovely items have gained popularity among quilters in other parts of the country and, as you can see, I too, have not been able to resist. I make a few new ornaments each year.

Hina mobile with ornaments for Girls' Day 3/3

New ornaments for 2007,  shrimp, chick and baby's rattle.

Cicada, tangerine and gourd, 2008

The Imperial Couple, 2009

Bamboo, comb and crawling baby, 2010

Hai-hai crawling baby, 2010

Windmill, pillow and San-ban Sou, 2011

San-ban Sou, 2011

Bell, Hobby Horse and Mandarin Duck, 2012

Rabbit, Flower and Bag of Fortune, 2013

Ball, Peach and Goldfish, 2014

Chilli pepper, Hime Daruma doll and Plum blossom, 2015.

Butterfly, Leaping Rabbit and Gunbai (sumo referee's fan), 2016.

White crane, remark ball and disc with ricin's-rack, 2017

Empress (covered clam shell), monkey and heart, 2018

Butterfly, Japanese hairpin and macaroon, 2019

Mouse, Seahorse and Hozuki (Japanese lantern plant), 2020

Eggplant, hishimochi rice cake (a rhombus-shaped Japanese confectionery 
made of pounded rice), mirror, 2021

Incense bag, peace dove, baby's bib, 2022


Windchime, fan, rabbit, 2023


  1. what a lot of very interesting pieces you have made here Queenie, such a shame we do not have anything like this in GB

  2. I love these-so beuatiful and cute at the same time. I have some bits of silks and kimona-do you ever have a tutorial or pattern for these?

  3. These are beautiful and cute at the same time- do you ever do tutorials or patterns for these? I have bits of silks and such from Japan in my stash and would love to make some of these.

    1. Hi MIchelle,
      The only tutorial I have posted is for the rabbit I made 2013:
      Most patterns are from books published in Japanese. I might make a step-by-step post for next year's HINA ornaments, some time in February 2015.

  4. Hi Queenie, the mobile is wonderful and I would love to try to make your rabbit, so I popped over and saved the pattern. I too have some kimono pieces that should work well.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern and today's mobile.

    1. Oh, Maureen, I am pleased to hear you would like to make a Hina rabbit. Good luck and have fun!


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