Wednesday 5 October 2022

WIPW - Ric-rac

I never find the amount of time I would like to spend on my projects so Work In Progress Wednesday is slow and I am not progressing much.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

I stitched two versions of the Chain stitch, #221 Sarah's Triple Chain (on the left) and#225 Overlaid Threaded Chain Stitch (shaped like a leaf).


I have not made any fixed plans for progress, but I added four lines of pink ric-rac.

I guess I will add an appliquéd circle at the end of each, then some form of leaves to mirror the beaded ornaments... The ric-rac will of course be embellished with embroidery, too. 

A mandala is a form of meditation so I will just let inspiration flow into the project. I don't want to force any ideas just for the sake of progress.


  1. Great progress! and stitches. Your progress is good, much or little it's all going the right way! And meditative stitching is intuitive and kind of like a diary.

  2. Wonderful work- love the sampler and Overlaid Threaded Chain stitch. Meditation is good!

  3. The mandala will tell you what it wants when it knows. Sometimes slow is best!

  4. I have some rick rack. I need to do some free stitching and use it. Your mandela is looking good.

  5. Mandalas always tell me what they want. Forcing is not a good idea. Good for you to just let it flow.


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