Wednesday, 26 September 2018

WIPW - Dill Pickle for Birthday

Work In Progress Wednesday.

Thank you so much for kind comments. I hope to have more time for blogging, and replying to comments soon. However, my free time is still very limited and my energy is running low.

There is no progress whatsoever on 
Crazy for Crazy
to report, 

but I had to make a 
Birthday Card

From the same book 
the lavender and chives designs came from 

I picked that of dill, the most popular herb in Sweden.

The French Knots took longer to stitch than I had estimated, but hopefully the card will reach its destination in time for the big day.

Tonight I will start digging out fabric for the next Crazy for Crazy block. Something autumnal I think...


  1. How pretty! Your knots are so perfect.

  2. The Dill has turned out very well. If in doubt, have a nap!

  3. I love your handmade birthday cards! I would love to receive such a special thing for my birthday! I hope the recipient enjoys it.

  4. Your dill is a work of art!
    Beautiful embroidery, Queenie.

  5. A beautiful stitching of Dill. Autumn, my favourite season of the year, looking forward to seeing your next Crazy for Crazy block.

  6. Very pretty especially on the printed background.

  7. That really is a wonderful flower for a birthday card. I like the soft background fabric too.

  8. Lovely embroidery. Your friend will be lucky to receive the card.

  9. Lovely embroidery of the dill, Queenie. I also like your background fabric.

  10. I keep trying to comment but for some reason they never go through... iPhone doesn't send proper comments? I will try with the iPad.

    ANYWAY... I was trying to say that I think I've seen your embroidery book in Mrs. Furui's bookshelf. She loves embroidery and has quite a few wall hangings of an herb series.

  11. I love these embroideries. What is the name of that book in English? It reminds me so much of the Danish Embroidery of the 1960's and 70's.


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