Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 40 - Du Vos Stitch

Another Sunday and another stitch is upon us at Sunday Stitch School.

Do you remember I pleaded for help and asked for information about the '?-Stitch'?
Thank you so much for the feedback.

It is a good linear stitch and will be needed for the next Sunbonnet Sue (next week's lesson).

As no one has given me a name I will nick-name this stitch Du Vos Stitch in honour of the teacher who taught my friend. I think that name is better than Staggered Back Stitch, which is the only other name I could think of.

Work it like this:

On my Aida sampler:

You are free to do whatever you like with this stitch, but please NO more poetry!


  1. Even if I thought I knew a different name, I like your naming. Stick with it!

  2. j'ai trouvé :
    - le point de tige = stem stitch
    - le point de tige contrarié = outline stitch
    Ils se font tous les deux de gauche à droite
    Mais est-ce là la différence ?
    j'ai vu ça :
    qui ressemble à votre point d'aujourd'hui

    1. For those who don't read French, here is a translation:
      I found :
      - the stem point = stem stitch
      - the stem point upset = outline stitch
      They are both made from left to right
      But is that the difference?
      I saw that :
      which resembles your point today

    2. Hi Mattia,
      Thank you for the French names and the link.
      I will have to write up a blog post of the three stitches, Stem, Outline and Du Vos to show the difference.
      Watch this spot.

  3. I have used this stitch but I just assumed it was stem stitch.

    1. So you actually stitched it like a staggered Back Stitch?
      Did you learn it in school?

  4. Another useful stitch.
    And another Sunbonnet Sue coming up!

    1. Sue is already designed, but of course not stitched yet. Soon, though!

  5. Looks like a right handed regular back stitch to me.


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