Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 17: Q Stitch

The needle lacing stitch of last Sunday was a bit of a challenge. So for this week the stitch is an easy one - the Q Stitch.

Never heard of it? I must confess I haven't either. If you have, and know its real name, please leave a comment below.

Until now I have presented the stitches in an alphabetical order and we have reached Q.
I have found two stitches beginning with this letter, the Queen Stitch, better known as Rococo Stitch and Quick Stitch, which is a woven stitch.
Instead of using either, this time I played with the idea of forming a stitch in the shape of the letter Q.

Well, a Detached Chain Stitch with loose tension and anchored with a tilted tail would make a capital Q, wouldn't it?

Work it like this:

 and you get a Q!

A row of Qs on Aida.

A lesson in penmanship!
Practice your Qs.


  1. Interesting! First time I have heard of this stitch. Reminds me of something my grandmother used to say - "Mind your P's and Q's".

    1. I have never seen it either, and I just MIGHT have invented it!!!
      This is interesting reading of 'mind your P's and Q's':
      WHICH is the original meaning!?

  2. how cool is that you now have a stitch you have invented I wonder when it will appear in new stitch books

  3. That's an improvisational stitch if I ever saw one!
    There's a lot you could do with that, skies the limit.

    1. I agree, you can use this stitch for many things. Right now I am scribbling my penmanship homework!

  4. What about the P's? The two are nornally seen together.

    1. Yes, how can I mind my P's? I will have to have a little think about this!

  5. That's a creative stitch!

  6. I worked on this stitch sampler today.
    Thank you,

    1. I had a look, and am speechless! You come up with the most fantastic variations. The Twisted Chain Q Stitch is especially impressive.


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