Tuesday, 7 June 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 22 - 28

With a slim margin I managed to complete this week's portion of the TAST stitches I am repeating. Don't know what TAST stitches are? Check them out at Pintangle.

22) Buttonhole Wheel
23) Cable Chain Stitch
24) Palestrina Stitch
25) Bonnet Sttich
26) Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
27) Basque Stitch
28) Oyster Stitch

Now I don't know if it is because I am working on Aida or because of my lack of paying attention to instructions, but the Oyster stitches look strange, don't they?
I checked out a number of other instructions and found I need to redo the initial Twisted Chain stitch to make the 'lump' in the middle sit right. I will have to redo the last row of Oyster stitches. It means I need to make eight (8!) TASTy stitches until next week Tuesday. When will I ever learn?!


  1. Mistakes concentrate the mind and you end up doing a better job. You have done a pretty good job already.

  2. Good that you are so industrious with your "Tasty" stirches - and I love the "tasty" expression.

  3. Hi Queenie, You are stitching nice and your oyster stitch doesn't seem strange to me ....well, I am not a specialist but all your stitchng is looking nice : for me, I would frame it !
    Happy stitching,
    Hugs, Isa

  4. Looks good to me! Love the colors and stitches.

  5. I think your stitches are great. I always enjoy your work.

  6. stitches coming alone well think maybe you are being picky re the oyster one! Some will be tricky to do on aida I fear but it will be so good to have them all together


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