Tuesday, 24 May 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 8-14

I worked TAST stitches #8-14 in turquoise.

From top:
8) Chain Stitch
9) Couching Stitch
10) Running Stitch
11) Whipped Wheel (it took a long time to make all the 42 wheels)
12) Barred and Alternating Barred Chain Stitch
13) Satin Stitch (how on earth do you work the Satin Stitch on Aida?)
14) Stem Stitch

So far I have not needed to look up the names nor the instructions for any of these stitches. That means I know at least 14 embroidery stitches by heart, ha, ha!

For more information about TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) go to Pintangle.

Thank you for stopping by, please note that I might not answer any comments as I post these revised stitches only for my own record.


  1. this is going to be such a good reference when completed resisting temptation for now but must get some of mine done soon as stitch 43 is out now

  2. I remembered the names of the stitches except for no 12.

  3. Very nice! What a pretty sampler this is turning out to be.


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