Wednesday, 16 December 2015

WIPW - The Lazy Chicken

Work In Progress Wednesday. It is slow going here. The Chicken is lazy and does not want to Scratch much!

Chicken Scratch

I have not made much progress, and did not have anything to post last week. This is as far as I have been able to work:
I hope YOU have more time!


  1. What an interesting effect. I am amazed at how that fabric can change with a bit of stitchery.

  2. maybe you have not done much but every little bit completed is a step nearer the finish line.

  3. I'm glad you managed to do some chicken scratch, it looks very nice. I had some time to stitch, but no time to blog about it!

  4. I think TIME is in a rather short supply at this time of year :-), you are not on your own!

  5. Chicken scratch on red and white, cozy and classic. Where do you get your red and white check, Queenie?

  6. I like the pattern. First my eyes see crosses and then white squares but when viewed overall it is a pretty pattern.
    I'm another with little done and no blogging. I hope to remedy that next year.
    I have really enjoyed seeing work by you this year. It's encouraging to see you keep your WISP going until it is finished.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a peaceful, happily- industrious year to follow.

  7. I have been feeling rather lazy. There are things to do, maybe later!

  8. A little is better than none! I hope that you may have more time next year, wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas
    Susan x

  9. Even the bit you've been able to do so far looks so nice and cheery looking. Have a very Merry Christmas Queenie!


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